Flash Drying Oven


Features of Electric Flash Drying Oven :-
• 40 - 220 panels per minute capacity
• Electrically Heated
• Convection/Direct/Indirect/Infrared Heating System
• Fully automatic control panel with VFD, Thyristor
• Honey comb Chain SS 316 L
• Less energy consumption (30%), resulting in lower monthly utility bill
• Six access doors for maintenance
• Vertical sliding door - Design accordingly human safety Space saving door to simplify loading
• Radiation technology - moisture control from surface of the plates

Advantages of A S INDIA INC – Electric Flash Drying Oven
• 20%-25% savings in energy over other ovens
• Honeycomb chain which reduces maintenance requirement of chain.
• Redundant safety systems included.
• Fully Automatic P.L.C. based control system covering all parameters
• We design vertical sliding door with chain anchor located in main oven door in a such way that safety anti-drop mechanism to prevent free fall of the door.


Features of Gas fired Flash Drying Oven:-
• Quick & Fast Heating at desired temperature
• 100% Safety in Operation on all types of heating
• Comparative Less Consumption of Fuel
• Customized sizes designed to meet customers’ requirements
• Gas burner with VPS system.
• Heat exchanger SS304 10guage sheet, SS304 pipes.
• Damper on top of Oven to vent out air with Modulation motor.

Advantages of A S INDIA INC – Gas fired Flash Drying Oven
• The specially designed upper and lower ducts with forced
convection heat properly dries the top and bottom surfaces of the pasted plate without closing the surface pores or over drying the plate’s center.
• Evenly directing airflow.
• Advanced PLC and thyristor technology to pump exact energy required to surface drying of plates.